Niko + Shawna

from three coffee dates to a love for always

Building a Home

We're planning a journey together for a meaningful life of less stuff and more experience. #skoolie

What's a skoolie ?

A School bus that has been converted into a tiny home with a motor.  Building a skoolie for our first home will take time and money.  Our plan is to spend both wisely.  In return of your help, we will be sending out awe inspired tokens of appreciation while working through the process. 

Are you crazy?! 

Crazy in love, yes! Crazy about the idea of being low impact and sustainable.  Crazy for a life where shared experience and companionship make us happy because we know that more objects won't.  We discovered that to one another these ideas weren't so crazy!

What's going on with you guys?

We are in the process of letting go of stuff.  Things floating around our life we would like to donate, sell, recycle, or burn...  Reach out to either one of us if you're interested in acquiring something you have seen around (e.g.  5 ft tall avocado plant (tree), paintings or massive rave party speakers) sorry, kitty not available.

How can I help?

A lovely, useful and very culturally appropriate gift for newlyweds would be 紅包, a monetary gift presented for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

If it's more your style to give us some of your time to share some useful skill or knowledge (e.g. growing a scoby or making a wide right turn) we would be so grateful for that too.

However you support our journey together, we appreciate you. Thank you for helping us create something meaningful.


Niko, Shawna & Cashmere

Illustrated by  Shawna

Illustrated by Shawna