Niko + Shawna

from three coffee dates to a love for always

The Elopement

June 3rd, 2017

Tradition says that we need to have a big wedding with all the bells and whistles, guests and gowns, flowers and family, but we are generation milleniexbetweener and formalities aren't really our thing.  One day we will have a proper tea ceremony to bring our families together and to honor all they have done for us.  Before that though we wanted to have a special moment to commit to one another.  We found a pretty spot and recruited four friends and a dog.  This was how it all went...

Fun Facts!

  • Bride wore a dress delivered the day before the ceremony.
  • Groom chose to wear pink socks for the first time.
  • Bride ordered surprise lapel pins off Etsy UK.
  • Groom never had a tailored suit before.
  • Bride got a lyft from Said for $18.64 and was 13 minutes early.
  • Groom had no less than 4 warning alarms counting down.
  • Bride requested kittens leashed to each post. (request denied)
  • Groom tied each of the little bows with 70cm of ribbon.
  • A five year old stranger was the first to congratulate us.
  • August Blue Moon runs very tight security when he's on duty.
  • The park was created in 1977 from the remains of a brick quarry.
  • The lookout point is about 500 ft (152m) above sea level.

The Crew




Pin Bearer & Witness



Designated Driver & Witness

Elena & August 


Elopement Photographer : Gladys Jem