Niko + Shawna

from three coffee dates to a love for always

The Story

September 16th, 2016 : First date: Contraband, Larkin St. SF.

September 16th, 2016: First date: Contraband, Larkin St. SF.

It all started with a digital meeting. Her first words were a challenge, how would he respond...

"Why are you growing your hair out?"

The first three dates were Friday 8am coffee dates. Scheduled on Shawna's day off before Niko had to go to work.  The second date was set before the first day was out and the third date agreed to before the second had even ended.  He was on time three for three.  She noticed.

Before long we were discussing ideas that seem off the beaten path. Imagining a way to create beauty without crushing it and to pursue satisfaction in simplicity.  She has the eye and he has the tools. She wants to fly and he knows the rules.

We're very lucky to have discovered one another to embark on this journey together.  The plan is to be self-sufficient and live largely off-grid using sustainable energy sources.  Most importantly we can make room for life itself.  Shawna will be applying her artistic talent and Niko will be promoting elegant energy efficiency concepts for homes that are bigger than ours.